Top Reasons to whiten your teeth before you say

What an exciting time! You've picked out the gown, the caterer, the flowers, the favors, but what about YOU! Everyone enjoys a beautiful wedding and all the festivities, but it's the bride and groom that everyone wants to see. You will probably never smile more than on your wedding day, and chances are, you will probably never have your picture taken more than on your big day either. That is why you need to have the perfect smile, and this is where we step in!

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Cosmetic Kit

Tooth Whitening

Get ready for a dazzling, photo-ready smile! Professional whitening is a quick and easy option that only takes one to two hours with immediate and lasting results. Thind Bridal Dental Center offers several whitening procedures, including the Britesmile Teeth Whitening System, that we recommend undergoing a month before the wedding to achieve that glowing smile. For an even more brilliant white smile, ask about the new KOR Deep Bleaching System available to whiten teeth over sixteen shades brighter.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an ideal, custom-made option to conceal severe stains, chips, overlapping and uneven teeth. Because cosmetic bonding is applied directly to the tooth, it offers additional support for the tooth and can expand naturally just like your teeth meaning it is less likely to cause cracks in existing teeth. Plus, our custom-made bonding options are perfectly matched to your natural tooth color.

Dental Contouring

To fix more minor chips or uneven teeth, talk to us about dental contouring, also known as tooth reshaping. By simply shaving away small sections of the tooth in just one visit, brides-to-be can leave feeling confident and comfortable with a straighter, more even smile.

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Is your Smile Wedding ready ?

On the wedding day- THE BRIDE and the BRIDE GROOM are the most important people , in fact they are the stars of the day. There are lot of details that demand attention . It has been studied that your smile is the thing most people notice on your face. Moreover your smiles are going to be permanently captured in hundreds of photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime. Also a brighter , whiter smile makes you feel more confident and makes a memorable expression on others.

We recommend that you should visit ur Bridal dental specialist about 4-6 weeks in advance to have a comprehensive smile evaluation.

Your Wedding day is the one of the most memorable and important day of your life. You have probably spent years thinking about how you look on this day,from chosen wedding location to your dresses , banquet , jewelery etc. All these things are temporary and for sometime but smile should be one on the top of all these things as your smile is important for your photos in all wedding and up coming functions , so make your smile should be bright , healthy and picture ready. Bridal dental center can help you with a wedding smile makeover for your big,memorable day of your life.

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